A Helping Hand Serves

1.  Older adults and/or their loved ones

• We meet with you to conduct a comprehensive, holistic assessment of situation.

• Use expert knowledge of the senior housing industry and extensive network of resources to provide solution(s).

• Ensure you are able to make an informed decision about the best senior housing option available based upon your unique situation.

• Personally accompany you on tours of 2-3 senior housing communities that will best meet your needs based upon a comprehensive, holistic assessment.

• Serve as your advocate before, during, and after you choose the senior housing option that is right for you.

2.  Professional health care providers

• One call to us is all it takes. Regardless of the type of senior housing your client needs, A Helping Hand will work with the client and family to ensure an expert objective assessment is conducted. You’ll have an advocate by your side and will receive continued feedback about their situation.

3.  Senior housing facilities

• Your time is spent on qualified referrals, not wasted receiving e-mails, faxes, and telephone calls from agencies sending inappropriate referrals.

• A Helping Hand assists to collect the medical paperwork required by the Department of Social Services (DSS), i.e. Physician Report (History & Physical (H&P) – including treatment plan for psychotropic medications), Tuberculosis screening form, Mental Health screening form (when indicated), Resident Personal and Social Information, assistance with completing the Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI) and Individualized Service Plan (ISP), as well as additional facility-specific documents.

Why choose A Helping Hand?

Free Service for older adults and their loved ones
Objective senior advocate guides and simplifies the process, replacing chaos with clarity
Qualified referrals increase and maintain facility census
Assistance with move-in paperwork increases productivity
• End result is satisfied older adult, ensuring a win-win for everyone involved